We’re selling Socialist

When we launched Socialist in 2014 we were the highest voted product on Product Hunt for that day. We gained thousands of users and rolled out bug fixes as quickly as we could keep up. With over a year spent in development there wasn’t much room left for us to continue improving on Socialist without financial support. At the time we were betting on a grand slam that would attract users and ultimately investors, but what we got instead was a respectable triple that gave us the motivation to continue self-financing design and development for a bit longer.

With our own efforts, it’s taken us another year to get to our next big release. It’s an improved experience with some much requested features and I hope you get to see it. I say “hope” because without some help we won’t be able to roll out that well-deserved update. Since we launched last summer, John has moved to San Francisco to design at Mesosphere. I’ve launched Dialect. Awkward, our development partners on Socialist, have successfully launched a handful of wicked good products like Beam, the most beautiful Reddit app you’ll ever download, and Pause which curates the best songs, music videos, albums and charts from leading news outlets. Due to these factors, Socialist has been feeling a bit neglected. With heavy hearts, it is time to embrace the inevitable and begin the necessary steps to either shut down Socialist or find a new home for it.

We’re looking for an excited buyer that will continue to maintain and improve Socialist — maybe even build something great from the foundation we’ve invested in. We had big plans for an open, portable data store that would allow users to sync and maintain lists on any service, along with a plug-and-play enterprise API that companies would use to format their data — with web, iOS, and Android apps for end users to manipulate and rearrange all of their lists. All of this is yours for the low price of whatever you are willing to pay for it. If you think you have a home for Socialist get in touch with us.

❤ — Paul & John

Tech entrepreneur and political practitioner writing about communications, metamodernism and business management.