Authentic Communications in the Metamodern Age

The most disruptive communications paradigm shift in the history of humankind

Since leaving politics in 2016, I have spent my time helping startups build business strategies and the technology that supports those strategies. With automation and ease of access to the global marketplace making it easier than ever for side hustles to become day jobs and a global pandemic that has brought into focus our individual priorities, the load-bearing structures that western society relies on have become overstressed.

In recent years, we have learned that much of our communal infrastructure relies on trust. When that trust breaks, there are precious few institutions prepared to defend the unwritten agreements necessary for society…

Photo by: Max Van Den Oetelaar on Unsplash
Photo by: Max Van Den Oetelaar on Unsplash

Identifying the meta-metanarrative.

In the weeks since writing Part I of Surviving Metamodernism, the world has changed. Like many Americans, I was first ambivalent about Donald J. Trump’s second impeachment and then riveted by the House impeachment managers’ performance. The slick presentations, supercut videos, and tweet-sized recriminations led the media to praise Rep. Jamie Raskin and the House team’s performance as much as the factual basis for their respective arguments.

Instead of following up my previous post with another weekly as promised, I took some time to digest and meditate on the trial’s implications for this post. Are the people…

“For everyone else, it would resemble mind control.”

Last week, I mentioned metamodernism in my letter encapsulating the 30+ 2020 Year in Review reports.

Metamodernism is incredibly dangerous because of its authentic power, its disregard for the norms of previous epochs and the velocity with which it accelerates change. It is arguably more dangerous now than at its birth circa 2000 because of the exploitative nature with which most of us have been introduced to it, Donald Trump and the Republican Party.

Today, I begin a series in which I attempt to explain

  1. what metamodernism is;
  2. why it is currently…

Photo: Spencer Platt/Getty Images

I say this out of love and a desire to see an experienced, democracy-loving individual in the White House next year: Michael Bloomberg, you’re botching this.

I worked with the small team exploring Bloomberg’s potential presidential run in 2016. When he decided against entering the race, I was heartbroken. Now four years later, I’m dumbfounded by how his campaign is being run. I don’t mean to come off as unappreciative. I just care much more about removing President Donald Trump from office. And right now, the team is hurting.

Bloomberg is making the same mistake that executives make when they’ve…

5 Essential Steps to Rehabilitate a Disgraced Public Figure

Photo by Thomas Charters on Unsplash

There are the true to life examples of the international businessman accused of embezzlement and dodging his taxes; the religious leader accused of assault; and the politician who unwittingly presented the inaccurate evidence that started a twenty-year war in which thousands perished. In a decade with great expectations of transparency and accountability, there is no shortage of leaders that fail this test.

Unlike strategic public relations or crisis management, rehabilitation is not about quick thinking and hard-hitting spin. It’s about rebuilding a foundation of trust and there are tried and true methods for achieving that.

As a strategic communications professional…

When we launched Socialist in 2014 we were the highest voted product on Product Hunt for that day. We gained thousands of users and rolled out bug fixes as quickly as we could keep up. With over a year spent in development there wasn’t much room left for us to continue improving on Socialist without financial support. At the time we were betting on a grand slam that would attract users and ultimately investors, but what we got instead was a respectable triple that gave us the motivation to continue self-financing design and development for a bit longer.

With our…

I wrote a widely shared post in June titled “Facebook can save itself with two simple measurements it already collects.” Some three months later, Facebook has implemented one of the two changes I advocated for. I was originally inspired to write that post during the Kim Kardashian / Kanye West wedding, when Facebook user feeds were taken over by clickbait-y articles, photos and gossip pages that were provided in such duplication that it may as well have been a Zappos retargeting campaign. (Go put anything in your cart at, but don’t check out and then browse the web as…

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Tech entrepreneur and political practitioner writing about communications, metamodernism and business management.

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